Egmont Dekanija is Dekanian media company owned by the government of Dekania. The company have newspapers, eleven magazines, twenty-eight television channels, five radio stations and nine websites.

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Egmont Dekanija was founded on 25th January 1913 by Dragoslav Ribnikar and Egmont Petersen. Found of the company for newspapers.

On 23rd April 1990, Egmont Radio was launched.

On 16th February 1997, Egmont News was launched as

On 1st June 1998, ETV 24 was launched with joint-venture with Grupa Metrovision.

On 9th June 1999, ETV was launched under the name as TV Egmont.

On 1st June 2006, Egmont Dekanija was merged with Grupa Metrovision into "Egmont Metrovision" and joint-venture with Egmont Group and Metrotelekom.

On 20th September 2014, Egmont Metrovision was dropped the joint-venture with Metrotelekom for reason: Metrotelekom, Metrovision and Metromobil are renamed as Telekom Dekanija owned by Deutsche Telekom.

On 1st June 2016, Egmont Metrovision is renamed back Egmont Dekanija.

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